October 14th,2021

Real Estate Institute of Australia (REIA) and nbn have joined forces to assist real estate agents and property managers in keeping nbn™ connection boxes at properties when they are sold or leased.

REIA President, Adrian Kelly said there had been a rise in reports of previous owners and tenants taking the nbn™ connection boxes with them to their next property when they move.

“With Aussies spending more time at home than ever due to widespread working-from-home and more reliance on technology, internet connection has become one of the first questions prospects ask real estate agents.


“Fast internet is a major selling point for buyers and renters alike.


“However, if the nbn™ connection box does not remain at the property in which it was first installed, customers may be impacted by delays in connecting to services over the nbn™ network,” he said.


Mr Kelly said that the paid partnership with nbn had come about after an increase in customer reports of missing nbn™ connection boxes.


“The new partnership – Home is where the nbn™ box is – which is being launched today, will include a nation-wide campaign aimed at raising awareness about the importance of ensuring the nbn™ connection box remains at the property in which it was first installed.


“Agents ultimately get contacted by new homeowners and tenants when the nbn™ connection boxes are missing.


“Our new partnership with nbn looks to save agents time spent fielding calls about missing nbn™ connection boxes and importantly, help give buyers and tenants a better connection experience when moving.


“Agents are now actively encouraged to treat the nbn™ connection boxes as a permanent fixture of the home, which in effect belongs to the home in the same way an oven or heating appliance does,” Mr Kelly said.


Further information, including an e-book guide Home is where the nbn™ box is can be accessed here.


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