The REIA Story

Since 1924, REIA has worked to represent Australia’s real estate professionals  on a wide range of important issues affecting Australia’s property market.

The Australian real estate professional is fundamental to Australia’s economy and the way Australian’s live.

Agency businesses represent 46,793 Australian businesses

99 percent of real estate agencies are small businesses

Agencies employ 130,000 Australians

In the past five years agents have facilitated on average around 500,000 sales each year

Agents help 6.9 million Australians into new homes/ rentals each year

Sales amount to nearly $360 billion per annum

There are some 2.7 million rental properties in Australia with around 80% of properties are managed by agents

Rent collected by agents is around $49 billion per annum

The Australian property industry is worth $300 billion to the Australian economy as a measure of GDP

Our headquarters are located in Canberra at Real Estate House, an iconic ACT building, designed by renowned architect Enrico Taglietti.

Our history

The Institute was established in 1923 to:

  • Bring about a uniform legislation for the real estate practice across Australia
  • Coordinate training and educational facilities for real estate professionals to advance the industry
  • Represent the interests of the sector and the interchange of rights and privileges between members in different states


Timeline of Events

Ran a national awareness campaign

Opening of Real Estate House

Establishment of the Associate (AREI) and Fellowship (FREI) Program recognising outstanding contributions of agents to the profession

The first conference of the Associated Real Estate Institutes and Associations of Australia was held

All state and territory Real Institutes joined and became represented by REIA - then called The Associated Real Estate Institutes and Agents’ Associations of Australia

Mr James Love was appointed as the new president and the Code of Ethics was established

The Associated Real Estate Institutes and Associations of Australia was formed