As a Federated Body, it is of enduring disappointment that REIQ are non-members of REIA. 

REIQ became non-members of REIA in 2015 and despite ongoing discussions, remains the only non-member state or territory.

At the time, REIQ’s cost per agency member to contribute to REIA was around $200 per year.  

Today, it would be around $119 per Queensland member agency per year.

Regrettably, all attempts to re-engage REIQ since 2015 have ultimately failed. You can read our business case presented to REIQ in 2021 here

REIA is a national body that works for all real estate practitioners. 

It is not the spirit or intent of a Federated industry body to ever have a state or territory be a non-member. 

The Board of REIA know the people of Australian real estate must come first.

It is our view Queensland-based agents are equally deserving of expressing their opinions of REIA’s national policy and strategic objectives.

As REIA approaches our 100-year anniversary in 2024 our commitment to putting practitioners first is unwavering.

REIA's 2025 vision is to Advance Australia's Prosperity and in doing so achieve a united and successful real estate industry. 

This is first and foremost achieved through providing indispensable value to our network of loyal member Institutes.

However, to achieve our 2025 vision our way of doing business must evolve. 

We must look beyond the limitations of the current Federated model to achieve our core business and ensure true two-way national representation.

To this effect, in order to best represent and work for Queensland nationally, REIA will: 

  • Appoint an Independent Queensland based director with significant real estate expertise 
  • Establish ongoing Queensland based consultation mechanisms to ensure direct practitioner input into the work of REIA
  • Create pathways for Queenslanders to compete in our industry excellence programs
  • Ensure REIA is always available to respond to and hear the concerns of the Queensland industry

Importantly, REIA have no plans to expand our business to undertake any core functions of State Institutes such as training.

This is an industry good, non-competitive exercise in an attempt to do better, more consultative business and be the best possible voice we can be in Canberra for the industry. 

We welcome the input of Queensland based practitioners and allied industry members in achieving this.

Please email us on reia@reia.com.au if you wish to be involved.