Brisbane buyer’s agent inducted into real estate hall of fame

March 19th,2015

Brisbane-based property market analyst and buyer’s agent, Simon Pressley, has received one of the most prestigious real estate awards in Australia having been inducted into the Real Estate Institute of Australia’s (REIA) Hall of Fame.

Mr Pressley, Managing Director of Propertyology, received the highly acclaimed accolade after winning the national award for Buyer’s Agent of the Year for three consecutive years - 2012, 2013 and 2014. Mr Pressley now joins a very elite but small group of real estate professionals who hold the honour.

REIA President, Neville Sanders paid tribute to Simon, congratulating him for this incredible achievement.

“Competition within the national awards is extremely tight so it is particularly noteworthy when an individual wins the same category three years running - it is only then that individuals are eligible for the Hall of Fame,” Mr Sanders commented.

In accepting the honour at the 2015 REIA National Awards for Excellence, Simon Pressley said “I have a very strong vision to change the way in which everyday Australians go about investing in property. That’s a very bold challenge and Propertyology still has some way to go however it is indeed humbling to be acknowledged as an industry leader.”

“I believe that one of the most common causes of property investors not realising their potential is because they get too caught up in the features and benefits of property instead of treating it as a financial instrument, much like the stock market.”

‘Property is shelter. We study economic drivers and form opinions as to which towns and cities, all over Australia, appear to have the best credentials for growth over the medium-long term. With a keen interest in commerce and the outlook of different industries, Propertyology’s process for helping property investors to build a portfolio is quite similar to how I’d imagine a stock broker would assist a share investor’, Pressley concluded.

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