Renting or Leasing a Property

The laws relating to renting and leasing a property vary between state and territory. Specific information about renting a property may be obtained from the consumer affairs authority in your state or territory, for further information, contact the ACCC.

The state and territory Real Estate Institutes all provide information on renting and leasing, and provide links through their respective websites to a number of different sources of additional information such as Departments of Fair Trading, Rental Bond Boards and so on.

To assist you further, the REIA have developed a series of fact sheets on renting and leasing. To view the fact sheet for tenants - Renting a Property, click here. To view the fact sheet for lessors - Renting a Property, click here.

To view the translations for Consumer Fact Sheet- Renting a Property- Tenant into the following 10 languages, click on the respective links below.