December 1st,2022

REIA has launched a 12 Days of Cyber-Mas campaign to prepare Australia’s real estate agents and agencies for better cybersecurity practices in 2023.


REIA President, Hayden Groves, said that consumers and governments are rightly scrutinising how real estate agents are protecting themselves against cyber security crimes.


“The 12 Days of Cyber-Mas is a rapid response checklist to get ready for 2023.


“As an industry, we transact around $360 billion in sales each year, and collect around $78 billion rents.


“We also handle and use a lot of confidential personal information.


“Looking after Australians homes and money in the way we do we must be cyber security match fit.


“The 12 Days of Cyber-Mas provides 12 key check points for principals to quickly conduct a cyber health check of their businesses ahead of the Christmas break.


“It is a small investment to protect your business, your staff and your clients and set yourself up for cyber success in the new year.”


The 12 Days of Cyber-Mas are based on REIWA’s and Edith Cowan University’s Security key recommendations:


  1. Use two-factor authentication
  2. Do not share passwords
  3. Use a password keeper and generator app
  4. Change default credentials of the point-of-sale controller
  5. Instal software updates promptly
  6. Work with vendors to ensure they follow the same guidelines
  7. Keep the back-up schedule consistent and maintain off-line backups
  8. Ensure built-in firewalls are switched on for user devices
  9. Ensure all devices in your business have antivirus software coverage
  10. Ensure computers used for financial transactions are not used for social media or email
  11. Use email services which incorporate phishing and pretexting defences
  12. Develop a cyber security incident response plan


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