March 22nd,2022

The recent events in Ukraine have shocked and disturbed people across the world as we witness tragedy unfold as Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine.

REIA condemns the invasion of Ukraine, as Russia’s actions cause humanitarian devastation and threatens world geopolitical stability and democratic freedoms.

REIA recognises our responsibility to use our influence to contribute to a collective voice of organisations, countries and companies working together to call for a diplomatic solution to end the war.

To play their part, many Australian corporations and businesses have ceased their business interests and operations in Russia.

REIA recognises this is not necessarily applicable for Australian real estate agencies.

However, it is important to note that REIA is part of an international real estate community and is part of Europe’s community more specifically through our alliance with the International Real Estate Federation (FIABCI).

We wish to support our European friends and support FIABCI’s response to events in Ukraine.

The safety of our international community is an immediate priority. To support Ukrainians, we encourage you to donate to our international communities relief efforts via FIABCI.

The Australian property services industry stands with the people of Ukraine.

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